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The Stillness of the Light I (2022)
Hand Treated, Constructed Fabric on Wooden Frame
48 x 48 x 4cm each

The works The Stillness of the Light I,II,III and Twilight are based on the natural phenomenon of the solstice. Twice a year, the sun reaches the highest and the lowest point in the sky, marking the longest and the shortest days. The winter solstice, or Dongzhi (冬至), marks the return of yang (阳), and the slow ascendance of light and warmth. The work is developed by crafting black cotton canvas fabric scraps, sewn together in multiple overlapping strips and hand bleached to create the stains. The technique of bleaching was achieved through many rounds of trials and errors to control the staining process. The removal of the colour pigments symbolically welcomes the return of light into the fabric, revealing the bare threads of the fibre. The Latin word for “Solstice” means “Still” which, in my opinion, is an oxymoron, for one can never truly be in stasis. These works reflect upon a state of mind, a desire to be still and travel while remaining stationary. 

These works are part of a group exhibition curated by Critical Craft Collective and presented in
Earl Lu Gallery, Lasalle of the Arts, Singapore.

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Installation Walkthrough Video

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