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Trained in graphic design, Simon Ng turned to Fine art painting at the age of 32. He received a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts with First Class Honours from Open University, with Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore in 2009. He received the Winston Oh's Travel Grant and the Winston Oh’s Postgraduate Fine Art Research Fund in 2012. Since completing his artistic training, Simon Ng has presented in many exhibitions in Singapore, Malaysia and Finland. His works are in many private collections around the world, including the Sunpride Foundation from Hong Kong.
Simon Ng's works are figurative and motivated by human conditions such as identity and state of the subconscious. Based on his personal experiences and memories, his works explore the recesses of the mind and process it through paintings and illustrations, drawings and mix-media works. The human figures are often distilled into abstractions, appearing in different visual permutations and spatial orientations. 

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