I'm excited to present with you a collaboration with Singapore fashion label VOLTAIRE.VISIONS which is known for its minimalist aesthetic and special attention to details with a creative edge. This collection also sees its debut for menswear line.


For the collection, I have to experiment with the various type of fabric paints in order for the art to be sealed into the fibre of the fabrics. It proves to be extremely challenging to work directly on the final cuts of the garment design when it was first shown to me, I mean there is this huge fear of messing it up and destroying the garment. For some pieces, I also have to develop a new technique of applying paint especially on material like wool which limits the range of marks I can work with. 


Inspirations for the ambiguous portraits were taken from a fictional story as told by the fashion designer Jireh Ng.  His vision is to create a mysterious identity and aura on the looks, that is both fashionable and edgy.


Fabrics for the Collaboration 2017 collection, were sourced from Japanese fabric mills in Nagoya, Nishiwaki, Osaka, and Tokyo.  Familiar silhouettes onto garments such as the ma-1 coat, work jacket(men's) and A-line wool dress are found in this collection.


A new addition to this collection would be a needle-punch wool denim material, found on the straight cut jeans and the deconstructed oversized jacket. Irregular seams and asymmetrical hemlines are also found on sweaters from both the Menswear and Womenswear.


Check out the amazing collections on www.voltairevisions.com