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“Scenes” is a new series of works by Singaporean artist, Simon Ng that takes the concept of a scene in fiction from contemporary life, where it describes the event that takes place in a single setting. Based from images sourced from internet, advertisements, design and everyday culture, Simon creates a mis-en-scéne that resist interpretations, instead the narratives play out like incomplete sentences, providing little references to prior events or what comes after.


The information and aesthetics delivered in his works are minimal – comprising of the setting, the central figure and the animal, yet they are complex enough to lift the imagery out of the expected, giving scope to the viewer’s imagination. The organization of visual elements within the frame encompasses the relationship of the figure to the setting, to the animal, but also the relationship to the viewer, and thus the viewer’s gaze. The presence of the viewer are often observed by the animal, making the awareness that he or she is also on display. 


The result is a series of works that invites an interesting and complex reflection on contemporary life, merged with the artist’s subjectivity and personal way of telling a story to create a distinct, and often, quiet universe. 



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