'Conscious Coupling'

The famous expression 'consciously uncouple' was first thrown into the limelight by actress Gwyneth Paltrow and singer Chris Martin, who announced their amicable marriage breakup online. In my case, I use the title 'Conscious Coupling' to think about the idea of a new marriage between the digital and analogue form of visual expression. The two painted strokes were done by first working on a clear transparency sheet, using a mixture of thick acrylic paint and latex to achieve the viscosity. It took several attempts as it is easy to overwork the strokes. It takes a resolute hand to finally realised that distinctive streaks of paint for the dramatic effects. I used an ordinary office scanner to digitally enhanced the painted strokes and enlarged to a scale within the resolution threshold. Perhaps with better resources, I can take this method to a higher level and work on an even larger scale.

Although the two broad strokes can be suggestive of two figures coming together as a couple. I guess I am happy with that interpretation too.

‘Conscious Coupling’, 2018

Giclée print on SIHL paper,

74.5 x 74.5cm (unframed)

20 Edition

For more information on the show, go to Chan + Hori Contemporary Singapore.

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