The Ubi, Ubi! Show

Ubi, Ubi! is a visual art exhibition presented by artists Betty Suiarjo, Fyerool Darma, Hilmi Johandi, Simon Ng, Soh Choi Yin and Ezekiel Wong Kel Win. These six artists came together in 2015 to co-share a studio space in the Kampong Ubi estate, to work and pursue a common goal – to practise art. The studio provides a much needed incubation space for these artists; as each of them holds either a day or part-time job. It also serves as a form of peer motivation and morale support from each other’s company in order to reinforce the commitment to their own artistic practice.

This exhibition will be the first collaborative effort by these artists. It is a presentation of how artists have come together to share common resources to make art, in the attempt to exercise a sustainable way of making a living. It is also a showcase to mark the diverse artistic style that each artist is currently working since the beginning of the venture. Thus, the show can be seen as an artist-initiative project to promote the idea on how artists share studio spaces in Singapore, in order to work together to achieve something common (that is, to make art), resulting in an exhibition curated by the artists themselves. As the exhibition will happen in the studio, it gives the audience a glimpse into the situation and condition of production itself.

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