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In this series of new works, the human visage has become a new interest for his painting. Employing thick impasto technique against a non-painterliness of the grounds, it is not easy to pin down the style. The vivid colours evokes the Fauvism movement and the painting styles echoes Expressionist vein of painter like Frank Auerbach with its paradoxical combination of surface manipulation and psychological depth.


In 'Mysterious Skin', Simon uses the thick paint to create highly textured effect to roughly describe or partly obscure the subject’s facial features. Like an outer layer of skin, the raw physicality of the materials traces the hand that is embedded in the creation. Driven by the tension between paint and subject, these portraits reveal little identities of the faces, but expose more of the artist’s desire and fascination with the lineaments. Notion of identity, both within the context of artist and the subject, is another aspect of the work which can be observed in this series comprised only of male silhouettes. It is the artist’s sense of self that finds it’s way intimately into the paintings.



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