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Like a punk sideway kick

on Utilitarianism.

It is about standing up for oneself and the desire to be true.


'Voltaire Visions' is an independent fashion label started by a young Singaporean fashion designer Jireh Ng, which has over the years quietly released six collections that showcase his visions of minimalist aesthetics with a twist. Obscured from the fashion radar of Singapore scene, yet incredibly he has found a small following from overseas market.


I am always supportive of local creatives, and I jumped at the opportunity to work across both fashion and art. For the two collaborations, this has been primarily my impetus – to work with and be inspired by other artists. Whether as a local fashion startup or an artist in Singapore, the road is an uphill task but we strived on as this is our real passion. 


For this SS19 collection, I work with Jireh on some of the looks that feature works from my latest art series 'The Altered Mirrors', hence the chosen title. The idea of 'The Altered Mirrors' came to me at this present times where fake reality is celebrated and consumed as entertainment. Think of reality tv stars, social media celebrities and the selfies etc. I am interested in the idea of a constant flux of identities, using multicoloured strokes scattered on the face, and overlayed it on distorted punk inspired images to represent multiple personas. It is like a question I often asked myself before the mirror: 'Who do you want to be today?'


Enjoy the collection that we have painstakingly put together!

Click on the images for pricing and details.


Follow Voltaire Visions Instagram: @VOLTAIRE.VISIONS



Fashion Director: Jireh Ng

Artist: Simon Ng

Photographer: Nino Yaputra

Makeup & Hair: Elyn Khoo

Models: Jordyn T (BASIC) / Dane K (MANNEQUIN)


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