Trained in graphic design, Simon Ng turned to painting at the age of 32. He received a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts with First Class Honours from Open University, U.K. with Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore in 2009. He has received several grants including the Winston Oh’s Postgraduate Fine Art Research Fund in 2012. 

Since completing his artistic training, Simon Ng has presented in many exhibitions. His main activity has been in Singapore, but he has also participated in group exhibitions in Kuala Lumpur and was invited to Arteles Art Residency program in Finland. His work is included in the Sunpride foundation and private collectors in Stockholm, Oslo, Hong Kong and Singapore.


Simon’s primary activity is painting, with emphasis on the portrait and figurative genre. Based on his personal experiences and memories, Simon’s works explore issues of the human conditions through expressive paintings and illustrations, touching on themes of identity and urban alienation.







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